Why India

To talk about India without superlatives is virtually impossible. Million square miles of the seventh largest country in the world, is full of scenic sights, mighty Himalayas to the north, Thar Desert in the west, tropical forests, home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, in the center, and thousands of miles of virgin coastline in the south.. 3500 year old sophisticated civilization has left the legacy of temples, monuments, palaces and sculptural masterpieces of inimitable esthetic grandeur.

This uninterrupted historic process produced a bewildering variety of races, religions, languages and customs. This unique culture has helped shaping the human thought with its philosphers, as well as the physical wellbeing of the humanity with the knowledge of yoga. And yet, all these have somehow produced a unity of cultural traditions and modern nation. India’s enigma lies in the interplay of contrasts. Nowhere in the world the past and the present exist is in more colourful promiscuity. Multitude of ethnic groups, languages, castes, races and religions make an exotic salsa of a billion people. Majestic forts, incredible monuments, delicious food, riot of colours, warm smiles, welcoming gestures will keep you aware of the exotic world you are treading in.

So let us set on this incredible journey through medieval empires, majestic forts, luxurious palaces, enduring culture and wonderful landscapes.......... A journey called India.


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